A place to walk, meet, enjoy and come back.

One of the great advantages of Did's Hostel São Paulo is its location. Jardim Paulista is considered a noble neighborhood in São Paulo where you can find a lot of big and nice attractions. Besides, it’s safe and has good access to other parts of the city.

Did´s Hostel São Paulo is close to every kind of banks, exchange money houses, supermarkets, drugstores, malls, clothe’s stores, theaters, cinemas. The closest subway station is 600 meters far from the hostel and there are a lot of bus´stops, taxis and bike rentals.

Everything depends on what you are looking for.
Do you want culture? Go to MASP (Art Museum of São Paulo)!

MASP- One of the most important archtecture postcards of São Paulo (after Did’s Hostel São Paulo, of course). Masp was founded in 1968 on Paulista´s Av and is considered the most valuable collection of art works of Latin America. Inside the museum you can find paintings of great artists such as Rafael, Goya, El Greco, Van Gogh and Anita Malfatt.
Do you want to party? Go to Augusta´s Street!

Augusta’s Street - A place where everything mixes. From poor to rich, from gay to straight, from black to white - everything can be found and seen on Augusta’s Street. Different kinds of discos, fancy pubs, bars also compose this famous street.

If the night life in São Paulo is famous, Augusta´s has a good part in this (like Did’s Hostel São Paulo, of course).
Do you want peace? Go to Ibirapuera´s Park!

Ibirapuera´s Park - In the middle of the caos of one of the biggest cities in the world, there is nothing than find a place close to nature and tranquility. The big area of the park (1.600.000 m2) makes it a great place to practice sports, walk or even to think about life and how good was your choice in being a guest of Did´s Hostel.São Paulo :)
Do you want to feel São Paulo’s Lifestyle? Go to Paulista´s Avenue!

Paulista’s Avenue - The most famous avenue of São Paulo is an archtecture show.

For those who likes to see movement, big buildings, people from all over the world, Paulista’s Avenue is the best place to spend the time. If you want all of this you can stay in our hostel! There you can choose between party or relaxing.
Now if you are not thinking of doing none of those things and just want to chill out with great people... Well, stay with us at Did’s Hostel São Paulo!

All these places are located near to Did´s Hostel São Paulo, so you can go walking, by bus, subway, bicycle or spending little money by taxis that are very easy to find.
We create this webpage so you can know a little bit more about everything that happens next to us and other nice things to do in São Paulo. You can find more bellow: