Avenida Paulista

Business hours

All day

Paulista Avenue - the most famous landmark of São Paulo and also the most important avenue of the city.

Avenida Paulista, 1063 - Jardim Paulista

Shopping malls, cinemas, bars and more, has all there! EVERYTHING. This is the essence of São Paulo and that's why we love this place. And best of all, is just 600 meters from the Did's Hostel São Paulo.

Did’s tip: Sunday is a great day to walk to Paulista Av! A lot of sellers with cool stuff to take back home! =]
Try to walk 30 minutes there and you'll find every kind of person: cute couples taking 'selfies', hurried businessmen, people drinking in some bar, tired dogs, vendors on the sidewalk with beautiful things, foreigners making turism, cyclists, skaters, strange and normal people.
For those who really want to live São Paulo this is the place.


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