Bar Devassa

Business hours

Monday through Thursday from 5pm to 1am
Thursday and Friday from 12am to 3pm and from 5pm to 3am
Saturday from 12am to 2pm
Sunday from 3pm to 11pm

The Devassa Brewery of Bela Cintra came to shine! Perhaps because it is "in the corner", located in the middle of the block between France and Itu Street, has become a high-profile place! Keeping the tradition of all pub Devassa, satisfies the customer with exclusive draft beer, tasting of selected and imported malts, together with a tasty cuisine, in a nice and cozy environment.

Rua Bela Cintra, 1579 - Jardim Paulista - SP

Desired by all and enjoyed from start to finish, the Devassa Beer is one of the best beers in Brazil, with creaminess, aroma and unique taste! Carioca has become a distinct object of desire, always associated with celebrations of the good things of life. For those who like a more full-bodied beer, the trick is to ask Devassa beer keg "black" with a touch of bitter chocolate! The beer is always very generous and always very cold!

Being even more unique, the house has five self-produced beers! All five draft beers are baptized with different female nicknames: Devassa Blonde (light), Red (red), Black (Dark), Sarará (wheat) and the most full-bodied, the Devassa India (pale ale). All beers are simply amazing, worth trying out each of the types manufactured by the brand!
No doubt the place to have a good cerveja já is guaranteed! Now, furthermore, the Bar Devassa is perfect for tasty snacks! The menu has over twenty options of traditional portions of bar, tasty and generous. For tourists or those who do not know, the house has a variety of tasty Brazilian food, as the "Pimentinha", exclusive house recipe (spicy and crispy meat croquettes combined with dark mustard), " Rei do Sertão"(beef with fried cassava, "farofa de banana", curd cheese and clarified butter), Devassadão, the dish of the house, takes marinated pork ribs with breaded onion rings and barbecue.

Your mouth-watering just to describe! Have a lot of options in Bar Devassa from salads, steaks, pasta, sandwiches and pizza with handmade exclusive mass tapioca, their incredible desserts like the Biju teteia (tapioca topped with cheese and fried banana with vanilla ice cream and make os of molasses flavored with citrus fruits!) The drinks menu also makes success at the Bar, such as caipirinha with submerged icecream or the Jack Redhead, Red beer with shot of Bourbon.
But it is not only the happy hour that the Bar Devassa is ready to serve its customers in the best way! Who works in the Paulista region, or simply want a place to have lunch (we're talking about you, Did's guests),know how difficult it is to find a nice and affordable place. So famous for its detached home evenings, launches eighteen dishes for hours, some of them are: Carnudinha Maluca with shredded dried meat, fried cassava, rice and black beans, the Gaucho Chapadinho that brings thin slices of rump or flank steak garnished with rice, onion, bacon farofa, vinaigrette and potato chips, and an executive menu with starter, main course and dessert.

Located on the famous street Bela Cintra, the Devassa brewery is a mixture of tavern with European pub, where every space is well match for a good chat with friends, listening to ambient music, and taste their beers with their Brazilian cuisine. The decoration is a show with paintings that refer to Devassa as Devassão, several screens, tables on the balcony and a mezzanine for anyone staying more reserved. The waiters are attentive and skillful, great place to meet colleagues for lunch or happy hour with some of the best beers of São Paulo!

Did’s tip: The Bar Devassa always have deals where you pay for one and consumes two, as Double Chope Blonde, Double Caipirinha or CaipriVodka. Stay attend the deals and get even more from their draft beer and delicious drinks!

+55 (11) 3081-6084

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