Padaria Bella Paulista

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From Monday to Sunday: Working 24 hours

Thirteen years ago, when the bakery Bella Paulista was opened, their main concern was to provide a unique experience to your customers! And even after all these years, can maintain this tradition, charming all the people from São Paulo and visitors of St. Paul!

In 10 sections distributed in a single warm and functional environment in the middle of Jardim Paulista, Bella Paulista meets culinary delights of all kinds. In addition, within minutes you can have these tasty treats in Did's Hostel at delivery available at any time.

Rua Haddock Lobo, 354- Cerqueira César - SP

To prepare your self for this charming and hyped Bella Paulista Bakery, check out the various sections offered!

Bakery and Confectionery
Arriving at Bella, you will soon be greeted with an island of breads and confectionery. Has all kinds and the most delicious bread! Since “bisnaguinha”, French and Italian bread, croissant, pita bread, ciabatta, sweet rolls, and many other varieties. All are prepared handcrafted, leaving all freshly days!
Brief dishes, along with a touch of Chef! With a fun menu, you make your request for dishes named with the São Paulo streets, cities or even certain people, such as Juscelino Kubitschek! Beautiful and appetizing dishes, including meat and poultry, pasta, salads, omelets and soups.

Hamburger, Forneria and Pizzeria
With the Bella sandwiches, you can pretty much wander all districts of São Paulo, sense the taste of each, being very close to Did´s Hostel. If you want a fabulous burger, with a juicy meat and amazing sauces, this is the place! They also have sandwiches prepared based on your pizza dough that you taste straight from the oven! And as everyone is crazy about Pizza, especially Citizens, the house offers delicious flavors of sweet and salty pizza for you to come with your company. (Of course, if your goal is to eat pizza, there are more recommended places!)
How about eating desserts that you love in the form of ice cream? Brownie, Tapioca, Dutch pie are just a few of its 100 amazing flavors!

Did’s tip: Want to meet the guys and celebrate? The Bella Paulista has a unique menu for Festivals and Events! Also, if you do not know what you need, they help you to choose and size the order quantity! The sandwiches meters are the most requested and bet will be successful with the other Did's guests!

+55 (11) 3214-3347

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