Bistrot Bagatelle

Business hours

Monday: 19h - 00h
Tuesday and Wednesday: 12h - 00h
Thursday and Friday: 12h - 01h
Saturday: 13h - 01h
Sunday: 14h - 20h

Probably you've heard of Bagatelle! Inspired by French cuisine, from New York, Los Angeles, Miami, St. Barth, St. Tropez and coming to Brazil, has a unique concept that includes sophisticated food and partying! Also located in the Jardim Paulista, the same neighborhood that's Hostel Did São Paulo, the Bagatelle is a favorite of the people that is going for dinner and to make the warm up before going throw the night!

Rua Padre João Manuel, 950 – Jardim Paulista – SP

With quiet lunches and lively dinner before ballads, no errors found in the French-American cuisine prepared by renowned chef Gustavo Young! Gustavo was mechanical engineer and changed to cooking career, his true passion, worked at El Celler de Can Roca, voted the world's best restaurant in 2013 by Restaurant Magazine, and has extensive experience around the world!
All done carefully, in detail, the food is simply amazing! It is essential to ask starter, main course and dessert to feel the mood of Bagatelle and prove at least more than one of their delicious flavors! The mashed gnocchi as starter is ideal and hard not to want to repeat.

For the main course the grilled Chateaubriand (a perfect meat!) with mashed mashed potatoes and red wine sauce and black pepper is divine! To end on a high note, one option is the chocolate Foundant with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce! Also, have a rich and diverse wine list and drinks!
It's amazing how in Bagatelle the combination of good food and buzz match so well! Who goes, love it! Turns into nightclub! The euphoria is such that from 22h the doors close because of the loud music. The atmosphere is amazing, with DJ's known and funny jokes (especially with those who ask for a champagne).
With such a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere, the service could not be different! The Bagatelle is a reference in this regard, the service is impeccable done by a team of lively and attentive waiters, leaving the pleasant atmosphere!

Did's tip: If you order dinner calmly, take a good wine, in an environment that gives to talk well, arrive early! Just before 22pm, the DJ starts playing among the tables, and near the 23h they off the lights and the "mess" starts (perfect for those who are making a pre-night)! Go early and be sure to enjoy the food!

+55 (11) 3062-5870

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