Galeria dos Pães

Business hours

From Monday to Sunday: Working 24 hours
Breakfast: Monday to Friday from 5:00 am to 11:30 am (weekends until 15:00);
Lunch: Monday to Friday from 12h00 to 15h30;
Afternoon tea: Monday to Sunday from 16.00 to 18.00;
Night Soup: Monday to Sunday from 5:00 am 18:00.

The charming Galeria dos Pães is very close to the Did's Hostel Sao Paulo. For those who want to get up early are returning from the club and want to know one of the attractions of São Paulo, can already take a delicious full breakfast in this bakery gallery!

Rua Estados Unidos, 1645 - Jardim América – SP

The best best of all is that if you want to go in the morning, afternoon or even the early, you can find the Galeria open and full of amazing breads, cold and sweet, always with quality and excellence, besides being a mini market! Is good both to start the day, and to end the evening! It also contains free parking for customers. :)

After tasting some of the more than 1.500 products of the shop, nobody doubts that the Galeria dos Pães has the best and most diverse cold food, the tastiest soups, the most delicious breads, not to mention the sweet variety!
Upon entering the gallery, you feel an enchanted world full of the most diverse products. The service is excellent. Even with the full house, you win total dedication of the staff. At the counter of the numerous cold food if you are in doubt which to choose among so many options, they cut the time for you, with all gentleness, slices for proof! It is charismatic and very good to bring new flavors!
Among the various attractions of the charming bakery is the sandwich, with unusual breads, made with carrots and avocado! In the section of mouthwatering, cakes and pies, the highlight is for the caipirinha cake!

For wine lovers, the Galeria dos Pães could not fail to have a generous cellar! With over 1.500 labels of pure taste, the Galeria offers varied quality wines for their clients in a private environment, so they can enjoy and choose your traditional wine.
With chilly or not, the Galeria's soups are the best option! On the mezzanine, with the pleasant sound of live music, you'll be delighted with the festival of soups they offer and keep wanting more!

Did's tip: If you want any of these diverse and delicious options, but do not want to leave the comfort and convenience of Did's Hostel, Galeria dos Pães is one of the few bakeries that does it for you and offers online ordering system! From anywhere, you can place your order and delight in the incredible flavors that only the Galeria dos Pães gathers. Enjoy!

+55 (11) 3064-5900

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