Parque Ibirapuera

Business hours

5h to 0h (open Saturday 24h to Sunday)

Ibirapuera Park - For those who like tranquility and nature this is the best place of São Paulo.

R. Manuel da Nóbrega, 1851-2065

When you come to Did's Hostel São Paulo, one of the tours you cant miss is the park! twenty minutes walking and you will find the most beautiful place in the city.

Did's tip: Rent a bike to take a walk there! Only R$ 5 an hour. =]
Walking with the dog and make picnic with friends or make a nice playlist and listen to it while riding a rented bike there. In summary, it is a beautiful place by its nature and contrasts a lot with the megalopolis called São Paulo.
Ibirapuera Park is a place where you can go every day to do all kinds of things. You can go for that healthy running later in the evening if you are a natural athlete, or just try to walk if you're not. You can go for a walk with your girlfriend under the trees or go look for one if you have not

(11) 5574-5045

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