Prainha Paulista

Business hours

Monday and Sunday: 11 am to 1:30 am
Thursday and Saturday: 11 am to 2:30 am

The Bar Prainha Paulista originated from a dream of the couple Nicaea and Arcindo Pereira Lopes, who arrived in São Paulo seeking to win in the big city in the 60. After a long fight selling products door to door, decided in 1973 to invest your savings in a small shop in Alameda Joaquim Eugenio de Lima, where today is the Bar Prainha Paulista!

Due to significant quality both in attendance, as in the orders and snacks (with recipes passed from generation to generation), the bar has won admiration and a wide customer base in a constant growth, without losing the original proposal to serve well and with great zeal.

It has long been the meeting place between friends who want to relax and chill out nearest Avenida Paulista’s sidewalk!

Al Joaquim Eugenio de Lima, 557 Jd. São Paulo

In the midst of a metropolis with so much gastronomic variety, often a group of friends or a couple sets out to find a relaxed place without many ceremonies, but with some difference to enjoy the real "pub gastronomy!"

In a bustling lane of the Avenida Paulista, Prainha Paulista stands out for its excellent location. To be a point of lively and relaxed meeting, in the middle of the Paulista, was dubbed by the customers themselves of "small beach", giving rise to the name of the restaurant and bar.
With modern decor, the house has tables in the indoor environment for those who want more tranquility. Already on the outside are the most disputed tables the on the sidewalk in Sao Paulo nights (disregarding the Vila Madalena, of course).

Classic bar for Happy Hour, Prainha receives customers from 16h and extends until the last leaves. Often offers live music in a pleasant atmosphere, simple and informal, making it point in the late afternoon of the Jardim Paulista neighborhood.

With a loyal customer base, usually gathers nice and cool people with strong opinions and a good chat, composed of executives suits Paulista and students from nearby colleges (Casper and FGV), in addition to couples who want to escape the city routine. On game days, there is a transmission on huge screens and the bar further pump, overflowing this good mood for sidewalk!
In Prainha you can have lunch, have a Happy Hour or dinner! The menu is varied, offering everything from tasty traditional snacks to more elaborate menus.

For lunch, the tip is to go when you are with free time and no hurry, because it takes time to appreciate the different options! The meals are delicious and nicely served with a home-cooked food with excellent quality, accompanied by a buffet of salad and cold food.

In addition to the nice options served during the week, every Saturday Prainha Paulista brings together families who want to enjoy that typical full and tasty feijoada weekend! Now if you want to do that Happy Hour after a busy day of appointments, be prepared to end up in portions of fried cassava, brazilian fried chicken or seafood and the coldest beer around!
The beer is at the perfect temperature and served with that creamy and abundant foam in properly cooled glasses. The secret to the success of the beer, are the barrels that are stored in a cold chamber and served in a beer hall with over 30 years of tradition, truly amazing! And to get even better, the bar is close to the Did's Hostel and you can enjoy all you want: the best beer without worrying about driving home!

As you can not live only of beer, for dinner you have other options, such as fried pizza with over 20 choices of flavors, the spicy pepperoni, sandwiches or one of the best meals of the house, Steak accompanied by four delicious sauces!

Did's tip: Chopp icy and pub food describe the Prainha Paulista! The highlight is the snacks of spiced pork tenderloin with rosemary and spices, served with lemon sauce and pineapple! You must try and check the best flavors of this bar!

+55 11 3562-5056

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