Restaurante Spot

Business hours

Lunch: Monday to Friday: 12h - 15h
Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 12h -17h

Dinner: Every day: 20h - 1h

21 years ago the Spot leads the tables wonders of contemporary cuisine in a prime location less than a block from Av. Paulista and, better yet, close to the Did's! The restaurant welcomes you in the middle of a large square with lighted fountain that delights the eyes of all, and a beautiful modern architecture, facade completely in glass.

Alameda Min. Rocha Azevedo, 72 - Bela Vista – SP

The spot reflects the cultural and modern bustle of the city of São Paulo and is attended by an audience cool and varied. Executives and entrepreneurs in search of good food and relaxation make up the clientele at lunchtime. During dinner, journalists, models and artists make up the very funky place with interesting and beautiful people! Perfect for those who want to see and be seen!

Do not expect to go to a super quiet place because you will come across a lively space, yet the climate is very delightful and allows for casual conversation. A jovial and fun environment, but without leaving her side of refinement, has a captivating energy, getting impossible not to want to come back!

On sunny days the restaurant is even more charming! The sun's rays reflect on the facade, valuing front of large windows.
With handsome and friendly waiters it is hard to resist! In addition to having model air, they are super attentive and efficient, ensuring an additional charm to the Spot Restaurant. In the course of the São Paulo cuisine the restaurant Spot is a symbol! Dedicated to provide a quality product, they combine lightness and taste in its sophisticated dishes. A brief and creative menu that includes nostalgic palates along the peculiarities around the world, offers options for every taste.

Some of their dishes made so successful, that are served from the opening! The most know dishes is the Penne Melon (penne with melon and prosciutto), which together with a good wine makes your meal an amazing experience! (I know, it seems that does not fit ... but it's very good!)

Other unmissable dishes are the Spot salad, goat cheese terrine with vegetables, fillet with three peppers cream, Sicilian lemon risotto and leek! In addition to incredible desserts combine to the meal, such as Short Cake: whipped cream, biscuit and almond conceal a delicious chocolate mousse.
Regarding the main dishes there is the opportunity to make associations. You can choose for a type of meat and a follow-up, or even just one of them. Make arrangement to your liking and enjoy the food always tasty Spot!

Did’s tip: Due to the resounding result of the Spot restaurant, the movement is intense! For those who do not want to wait too long to get a table, you have to go early (or book)! But the tip is to enjoy the charm of the outside area while wait your turn! In the cool seats of the terrace is a time to ask for a drink and enjoy the first course, chat and a laugh with friends.

And if the aim is to flirt, the bar inside the restaurant is great to meet new people!

+55 (11) 3283-0946 / 3284-6131

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